Our plans for progress


Get money out of politics and overturn 'Citizens United'

Can we just be real here? When a Corporate Super PAC or Corporate Lobby funnels thousands of dollars to a politician in campaign contributions, it’s a bribe.  We're going to Washington, we're getting in this fight and we will end the corruption.


Our lives should no longer be leveraged against us in the name of profit. Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege only for those who can afford it. We must have a 'Single Payer' Medicare for All healthcare system to ensure we all are fully capable of receiving care when we need it.

Green New Deal

We must transform our economy off of fossil fuels and we must do it quickly. Climate scientists have warned us of a runaway effect if we do not get our carbon emissions under control. This generation has to make these changes in an effort to secure our children's and grandchildren's future.

Labor & Jobs

Being an IBEW Union Electrician myself, I understand the value of dignity in the workplace. We demand living wages, safe and sanitary work conditions and our fair share of the profit WE produce. Our wages and living standards have never known such heights as when our Labor Unions were at the height of their power.

Criminal Justice Reform

The 'War on Drugs' has been an unprecedented failure, destroying the lives of people in our working class and most especially the lives of our minority brothers and sisters. We must legalize, regulate and tax cannabis not only for medicinal use but for recreational use as well.


We believe in equality of opportunity for all Americans regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or income level. We believe in a woman's right to make her decisions about her body.

No Corporate PACs or Corporate Lobby Money! We need you!


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